Why Paint?

There are many reasons for painting our homes, accommodation, offices, factories and workplaces.

Cars, engines and motor vehicles are painted, tools, aeroplanes, ships and boats are painted. Furniture, appliances and limitless other items we use everyday are painted with some type of coating.

Items are painted or coated for many reasons including;

  1. Surface protection
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Sanitation
  4. Light reflection or light absorption
  5. Heat reflection or heat absorption
  6. Water proofing and other liquid or gas sealing
  7. Anti slip or skid coatings
  8. Saftey markings
  9. Sound proofing and acoustical dampening
  10. Insulation
  11. Branding, signage and advertising
  12. Artistry and imagery
  13. Surface encapsulation
  14. Surface release

Paint and coatings can be applied by professional applicators or by DIY applicators and there are many differnt methods of application to choose from.