Paint Rollers | Texture Lambswool Mohair Synthetic Foam

Paint rollers are designed for applying paint and other coatings to broad areas quickly and evenly. Trade painters and decorators commonly use paint rollers in widths of 230, 270, 360 and 460 mm.

Common pile lengths used for water based synthetic roller fabrics are short nap, regular nap, long nap and super long nap. Paint roller manufacturers provide a varying range of paint rollers made from synthetic fabrics, lambswool, mohair, foam or rubber.

Painting rollers are commonly provided as a cover or sleeve which require a roller frame. Cheaper handyman or DIY rollers may have the roller frame incorporated with a non replaceable frame/cover.

Painting rollers typically used a phenolic core or sleeve to which the fabric was attached using adhesive but in more recent times many paint roller manufacturers have switched to thermally bonding the paint roller fabric to a synthetic core.

Unless the roller is a DIY type with an integrated frame roller covers require a roller fame. Frames are available as open so the roller cover simply slips on the frame from the open end or closed and often adjustable "U" type frames where the roller cover is held in the frame from both ends.

Roller trays and paint roller buckets are available to suit different paint roller widths. Roller trays and paint roller buckets have an area to roll the excess paint from the roller after loading with paint to avoid paint dripping between the roller bucket or tray and the surface being coated.

  • Painting rollers are available in different nap lengths (nap is the pile depth), different widths and different materials, either natural or synthetic.
  • Nap has an effect on the amount of paint a roller will hold, (pick up and dump), and the finish a roller can leave in the coating once applied. A shorter nap is usually best for smooth surfaces where a fine finish is required and a long nap is often needed for rough surfaces to help distribute the paint evenly across the high and low spots.
  • Fabric used in paint rollers can be foam, synthetic fibres which are either woven or knitted to the fabric backing or natural sheepskin and mohair are also popular natural fibre paint roller materials.
  • Texture paint rollers have very course open weave fibres designed to leave a textured rough finish.
  • ┬áStencil rollers are usually made from rubber with the stencil pattern embossed.
  • Power paint roller systems are available where the coating is usually pumped into the roller cover which has perforations in the sleeve allowing the roller to be loaded with paint from a remote pump.