Buying 110 Volt 60 Hz Airless Paint Sprayers From USA To Australia

With an attractive foreign exchange rate, purchasing an airless paint sprayer from overseas such as the USA for use in Australia may appear to be a financially attractive option which in reality could end up costing a lot more than purchasing an airless sprayer from a dealer in Australia in the first place, if something goes wrong.

The first problem that can be encountered is the different electricity supplies in the USA compared to Australia. While Australia has a 230 Volt +10% (253 Volt) - 6% (216.2 Volt) 50 Hertz single phase electrical supply, in the USA and Canada a 120 Volt 60 Hertz supply is used.

Obviously these airless paint sprayers from the USA will not be suitable for use in Australia.

Vendors on Ebay advertise airless paint sprayers for use in Australia as 240 volt machines when in actual fact they are 110 Volt 60 Hertz that have been modified by these ebay vendors by the fitment of an inverter which reduces the Australian 230 volt supply to 110 volts. These modifications are not from the airless sprayer manufacturers.

Vendors or airless spray gun units on ebay may also not fall within the jurisdiction of the consumer fair trading authority in your location so an airless sprayer deal that seems to good to be true may actually literally end up being "too good to be true!".

Claims are made about warranty which seem conflicting and questioning these vendors about who performs and administers warranty repairs can leave careful enquirers, who are not easily led into making assumptions, wary.

The USA and Canada alone holds more than 15 times the population that Australia holds therefore the cost of manufacturing and distributing a product is much less than manufacturing and distributing a product for Australia.

Dont forget to add the cost of shipping, the exchange rate, bank or card international currency merchant fees, the cost of GST when your purchase arrives in Australia and the cost of obtaining parts from the USA and repairing the machine yourself to the "advertised price".

A deal that seems too good to be true usually ends up proving it really was too good to be true.

Dont expect legitimate Australian airless sprayer equipment sales and service agents to be able to assist you with 110 volt 60 Hertz airless sprayers purchased for use via ebay or other avenues when problems with these machines develop. To begin with none of the electrical parts are available in Australia.

Also Australian service centres cannot afford to touch one of these units if an electrical accident was to ever occur with one of these 110 Volt 60 Hertz machines.

The very same liability risk exists for any contractor considering using, or allowing any employees to use these after-market inverted, 110 Volt 60 Hertz airless paint sprayer machines within Australian territories.

Check with Graco Australia, Wagner Australia or an Authorised New Zealand or Australian Titan Distributor if genuine warranty for your airless sprayer is important.